All This Happened, More or Less

by Thomas and the Empty Orchestra

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released June 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Thomas and the Empty Orchestra Sheffield, UK

"Thomas and the Empty Orchestra' is the music of singer/songwriter Thomas Bower, hailing from Sheffield, UK.

He takes influence from American Folk and Indie music with a wry twist of English humour and a rough and ready stripped back foot stomping approach to folk music. For fans of Death Cab For Cutie, Bright Eyes, American Football, Fleet Foxes, Brand New, Bon Iver.
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Track Name: The Moon, My Friend
She's got a smile like Christmas morning and I've got no secrets left to tell. In all of my dreams I feel like I',m falling, when I wake up my head is ringing like a bell. But I'll throw a lasso around the moon, and I'll bring it closer just for you.

So come on darling, if it's cold outside I'll be your blanket or your warm log fire. If ever you find yourself ready to cry I'll act the fool babe, and try to make you smile. I'll throw a lasso around the moon, and I'll bring it closer just for you.

Oh, the moon is my friend even though his light keeps my eyes open. But I don't mind losing sleep as long as you're laying next to me. So, I'll throw a lasso around the moon, and I'll bring it closer just for you.
Track Name: Last Orders on Ladies Night
Your love was like a tidal wave.
By the time I see it it is far too close to save, so as that horizon swiftly approached me I simply could not match its speed. Not with my dignity tangled about my feet.
It’s OK to feel betrayed, just promise me you won’t stay that way, because that god damned son-of-a-bitch aint worth it. You can take it from one who knows, I used to be a lot like him.

I know you thought he was your lucky charm but he proved you wrong, and that is hard to get your head round when you’re young, but in the next couple of months you’ll feel different.
Then it’s ok to not give a fuck what I say except when you’re drinking or you’re lonely, because we both know that sometimes any bed is better than sleeping alone.

My sweetheart, there are worse things in life than being alone at the end of the night. When those bars close their doors and there’s nobody left to take you home.